Our methodology

1. – What does Kaizen Industrial Training Systems methodology do?

Kaizen Industrial Training Systems 4.0® offers its services to optimize the business outcomes of a company through an effective process management and the development of the technical competencies of their operative personnel.

2. – What does the Kaizen ITS 4.0® methodology do?

Kaizen Industrial Training Systems 4.0® provides an integrated process-by-competency management methodology, as well as documentation and direct personnel training.

 3. – What activities does it consist of?

The technical industrial training methodology consists of the following 4 LOGICAL ACTIVITIES:


1st Logical Activity. DTO (Technical Diagnostic of Operations):

  •  Technology analysis. Processes-Maintenance-Organization-Personnel.
  •  Process mapping (Block diagrams divided by the function of each operating system).
  •  Competency mapping. Training Needs Detection diagrams (DNE-Mapping).
  •  Technical industrial training program design.
  •  Training supervising.
  •  Development plan and implementation program. 

2nd Logical Activity. The Documentation of Technology

  •  Development (or update) of process and critical equipment operation manuals.
  •  Development (or update) of critical equipment maintenance and repair manuals (mechanical, plumbing and welding, electrical and instrumental).
  •  Formation of process, operation and maintenance manual writers.

3rd Logical Activity. The Transference or Transmission of Technological Knowledge to the Personnel:

  •  Formation of industrial technical training instructors.
  •  Formation of industrial training evaluators.
  •  Training Needs Detection analysis (DNE-Mapping).
  •  Function Training Vs. Detected Training Needs.

4th Logical Activity. Result Measurement and Correction:

  • Training results measurement.
  •  The program.
  •  Its impact on the business.
  •  The Technical Diagnostics of operations (TDO).
  •  The implementation of observations and recommendations.

How does the Kaizen ITS 4.0® methodology work?

Kaizen Industrial Training Systems 4.0® provides its services through projects designed at the measure of each company. The complete Kaizen ITS 4.0® methodology, or parts of itself, may be implemented however our customers require.