Our Mission & Vision

Our mission

At Kaizen Industrial Training Systems 4.0® we take into account our mission every day.

In Kaizen ITS 4.0® we are committed towards always being a renowned and reliable leader in our sector, providing industrial companies with the necessary tools to develop their personnel’s technical competencies and for the management of technology.

“…We integrate our principles and values in the Management of our Training System”

We undertake the formation of consulting engineers dedicated to the design and implementation of technical competency development projects (industrial technical training), human resources processes and continual improvement processes for medium and large-sized industrial companies throughout the country and from abroad; with whom, through the implementation of industrial technical training projects, as well as strategic alliances with consulting specialists, we support our customers’ businesses.

Our vision

At Kaizen ITS 4.0® our vision is to continue being a leading group of industrial technical consultants, recognized for offering integral solutions to our customers; the same which will allow them to manage their own technology. Through the development of technical competencies (industrial technical training systems) our clients will achieve their projected results, which will subsequently lead them to meet the optimal conditions to reach QCD (Quality, Cost and On-Time Delivery) standards for their products. This will ultimately result in sustained and expanded positions in the market for their businesses.