Our Policies

We Value…

  •  Excellence
  •  Integrity
  •  Commitment


  •  Fulfilling the prearranged commitments.
  •  Exceeding our quality and security standards.
  •  Preserving the environment.
  •  Optimizing the use of resources.
  •  Perfecting our work continuously.


  •  Acting ethically and with rectitude.
  • Behaving in a discreet manner.
  • Acknowledging our mistakes.
  • Acting in accordance to our values.
  • Keeping strict confidentiality with our customers.


  • Looking for opportunities that add to the value of our costumers’ businesses.
  • Becoming involved with the institution’s challenges.
  •  Establishing the continual improvement of our services.

We will be successful when…

  • Our customers perceive they are upgrading their businesses through our intervention.
  • We are recognized and valued by the community for our contributions in the development of human assets.
  • The operators and operatives that have trained with us are integrated to their employment network as competent technicians.
  • We become a prominent reference within the competency development framework in the industrial community.
  • We establish a solid and diversified network of customers, stable and sustainable through the progressing times.
  • Our employees begin every day with a sense of purpose and conclude them with a sense of achievement.

To achieve our purposes we must…

  • Act ethically towards our current and our potential customers, with the purpose of recognizing their real competency development needs (training).
  • Optimize the use of our resources so as to improve our products and services.
  • Assemble a team of excellent professionals, permanently updated in the competency development framework.
  • Incorporate a respectful behavior, aligned with the preservation of health and the environment.
  • Integrate a quality management system in our activities.