Principles and Values

Our principles and values

In order to fulfill our mission, at Kaizen Industrial Training Systems 4.0® we sustain the following principles:

Regarding our customers:

“Our customers are our driving force; we orientate them in the installation of technical competency development systems (industrial technical training) that are adequate to their processes and needs” in any country.

“We commit to our customers as if we were part of their businesses, by which we work with them confidently and openly in the consecution of their objectives”.

“We treat our customers’ information with the utmost secrecy, a feature that is especially important given our activities. Our personnel are ethical, professional and honest”.

“We handle reasonable costs for our work”.

“We work towards the intended results and accordingly in each project, and we do so efficiently (managing the best time at the lowest cost)”.

“We surpass our customers’ expectations; we are our most demanding critics”.

“We work in conjunction with our clients in order to achieve the intended results; integrating knowledge and resources”.

Regarding our services

“We focus, concerning the company, in the definition of rules and standard performance in the execution of the task”.

Regarding our resources

“At Kaizen Industrial Training Systems 4.0® we improve our personnel to respond precisely when developing our projects”.

“We handle ourselves with a consistent and indispensable unity, autonomy and flexibility; but most of all, in an integral and professional manner”.