Who we are


Kaizen Industrial Training Systems 4.0® begins their operations through the integration of knowledge and professional technical experiences in the development of technical competencies (industrial technical training). Kaizen ITS 4.0® has become a support platform for several mayor companies located in the Tampico-Altamira industrial park, in México.
This 28 years’ experience has allowed us to support our local, national and foreign costumers, through activities such as industrial technical training, human resources processes and continual improvement.

Who we are:

Kaizen Industrial Training Systems 4.0® consists of a group of highly-experienced consulting engineers, specialized in the design and implementation of technical competency development projects (industrial technical training) and continual improvement processes, such as: 5’S Methodology; Lean Manufacturing; Kaizen Lean (Gemba Kaizen and Kaizen Teian); TPM (Total Productive Maintenance); Kanban and the Visual Factory; Poka-Yoke, the 7 Muda +1 (The 7 Great Waste + 1, residue managing); VSM (Value Stream Mapping); EAD’S (Equipos de Alto Desempeño, or High Performance Teams); as well as human resources processes.

This professional experience follows 28 years of work in conjunction with the most prominent industrial groups in Mexico and from abroad.

The engineers at Kaizen Industrial Training Systems 4.0® are professionals with substantial experience in industrial operation and maintenance..